The Soverain project focuses on creating an integrated platform where each user will be able to work with all the modern cryptocurrency tools in one place.

Each cryptocurrency shareholder will be able not only to safely store their assets on the Soverain multicurrency online wallet, but also to invest coins in POS mining and MASTERNODE (* for relevant currencies). Fast and secure exchange on a convenient and secure P2P exchange will also be available.

Soverain wallet will be not only online, but also for Android and IOS mobile platforms. All these features will be available in one place! Additionally, our team will launch an advertising platform with functions of monitoring masternode projects, where the user will be able to independently track all the main parameters of the coin such as project information, ROI masternode, income of POS / POW mining, see premine wallets of developers in real time.

Our team is planning to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where the Soverain coin will be the main coin, all commissions and listing fees will be charged by it.

Soverain Coin - SOVE
Modern, global and decentralized cryptocurrency for long-term Investment With good growth prospects and possibility of passive income.

The lite wallet to manage your altcoins
Online, easy to use and safe multi-currency digital assets web wallet with POS and MASTERNODES management functions and P2P exchange.

Soverain Masternode Monitoring
Modern masternode stats platform where the user can find useful information about all new and popular cryptocurrency projects.

The crypto-related advertising service
Soverain Advert is own promotion services to get a new crypto projects to the next publicity level.

Multifunctional Soverain Discord bot
User-friendly bot that may replace a cold wallet and a shared services of third parties. Its users can safely store assets, conduct transactions, give PoS staking rewards and much more directly on the Discord server.

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