The Soverain project roadmap illustrates our journey so far,
what we are doing today, and most importantly, where we are heading
  • 2019April-May

    The germ of an idea.

    Project planning.

    Formation of a team.

    Setting and distribution of tasks.

  • June-July

    Discord bot development.

    Development of the commercial advertising discord bot.

    Blockchain development.

    Launch and testing of the blockchain.

    Testing of discord bots.

  • August-September

    Launch of the main network.

    Project announcement.

    WhitePaper release.

    Listing on the first exchange.

    Launch of the public pre-sale.

    Launch of the multifunction discord bot Soverain.

    Initiation of the development of a multi-currency web wallet integrated with a discord bot and a masternode web service.

    Listing on the second exchange

    Beginning of a massive advertising campaign for the project Soverain

  • October-December

    Team extension.

    Listing on Coinmarketcap.

    Audit of the multi-currency wallet code.

    Testing of web services and multi-currency wallet.

    Initiation of the development of a multifunctional telegram bot.

    Start of work with top cryptocurrency projects, introduction of our services and bots.

    Testing and launch of the telegram bot.

  • 2020January-March

    Release of the multi-currency web platform.

    Listing on the third major exchange.

    Adaptation of the multi-currency platform as a native application for Android and iOS.

  • April-June

    Setting a task for the team to develop our own decentralized exchange.

    Search and adaptation of new areas to use the coin Soverain.

  • July-September

    Audit of the exchange code.

    Public testing of the exchange.

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